Yobit Update

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Yobit was subject to a 51% attack and thus NewYorkCoin on Yobit was double-spent. Yobit does not have the funds to cover withdrawals, as they are missing billions of NYC from the attack. We urge users to exercise the utmost caution when dealing with Yobit, as the withdrawal of NewYorkCoin on their platform is currently disabled, and has remained disabled since August 2019.

Yobit still has not reached out to the team, and it has been almost 2 years since the team initially reached out to them regarding the planned hard fork in 2018.

Yobit did briefly open withdrawals for a very short time at the end of July last year, but then closed withdrawals shortly after. We are unaware why they did this or what their motives were for doing so. Again we urge all users to exercise caution when dealing with Yobit, because once you deposit your NewYorkCoin, you cannot withdraw it back out.

As soon as the team has any more information regarding the withdrawal of NYC from Yobit, we will share it here and on social media.

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