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Hello Community!

We are pleased to announce the “NYCoin Online Web Wallet” release!

The “NYCoin Online Web Wallet” has been in beta (test mode) for a few weeks and has been tested by several NYCoin members and is ready to be used by the general public!

Create your very own “NYCoin Online Web Wallet” at

!! Beware that online wallets are less ‘safe/secure’ than paper wallets, desktop wallets, Electrum wallets and/or Mobile wallets like Coinomi !!

This web wallet does not let you have control over your private keys nor can it create a “seed” to be able to restore your wallet or coins elsewhere.

This service is provided to you on a best effort basis, and the NYCoin Team and its associated members are not responsible for loss of coins in the event something were to happen to the server.

Use this web wallet at your own discretion, we recommend it only for small amounts of NYCoin and transactions.

Thank you for your support! Have a beautiful day and enjoy!


Yours sincerely,

The NYCoin Team

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