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Download the QT Wallet software from Github.

On Windows: Extract the exe to a location you like

On Mac: drag and drop to the ‘applications’

On 1st install, a new wallet will be created. If you already installed and have a + NYC balance (the more NYCoins, the merrier!)

If you have an older version of the QT installed, make sure your backup-up the existing wallet.dat to a safe location! If you overwrite your wallet.dat without creating a back-up you lose your coins. Proceed on your own risk!

Complete the following process for downloading the block data prior to synchronizing. This process can save you hours or even days before the wallet gets completely synchronize.

  1. Make sure the Core Wallet software is not running
  2. Make a COPY of your entire installation.
    • For Windows, that would be “C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\newyorkc”.
    • For Mac, that is: “~/Library/Application Support/newyorkc”
  3. Clear the contents of the newyorkc directory except for wallet.dat and newyorkc.conf
  4. Download: Bootstrap November 9th 2018
  5. Extract the contents of this file to the wallet’s location. Be sure the file is (re)named to boostrap.dat. Check step 2 to know where that location is at :).
  6. Restart the Core wallet software and the bootstrap should start ‘importing blocks from disk’. This import will take a while (few hours). After the import is complete, the sync should be close to 100%.
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