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We are excited to announce that new code for one of the development bounties has been submitted by an outside developer and the work is currently under review by the NewYorkCoin Development Team. The first bounty on the list, and one of the most important, includes updating the source code to introduce SegWit, and implementing support for Atomic Swaps and Lightning Network. Over the course of the next few weeks the Development Team will be looking over the new code, and running various tests to ensure everything is running smoothly before pushing any updates to the Git. Once the team has concluded that the new code contains no bugs, and the new features are fully functional, the team will request that Graviex release the bounty reward of 200 million NewYorkCoin from escrow to the developer.

If you are a developer, please check out the following development bounties still remaining, you can earn NYC for your development skills!

Development Bounties:

Bounty 1. Update NYC source code to introduce: SegWit, support for Atomic Swaps, and support for Lightning Network – 200m NYC

Bounty 2. Develop proprietary merchant integration solution – 125m NYC

Bounty 3. Creation of community hosted mining pool – 125m NYC

Bounty 4. Bug Bounty: 75m NYC (Always active)

The community came together over the last few months to make listing on SouthXchange a possibility, so give yourselves a huge pat on the back, thank you all! A member of the community graciously went out of their way to secure listing on STEX, TOKOK, and Folgory, so huge thank you to them as well! Below is a graphic which lists all the exchanges where NYC can be purchased safely and securely, with NewYorkCoin related information for each exchange. Yobit is not included on this list, although deposits and trading are possible on their website, withdrawals are still disabled, please proceed with caution in regards to Yobit.

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