Raspberry Pi NYC Node Raffle

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NewYorkCoin Development Help Wanted

Raspberry Pi NYC Node Raffle

Today we present to you a new raffle! The team has created this new raffle as a way to not only strengthen the NewYorkCoin network, but to help raise funds for the Coinomi Fundraiser.

The genius behind nycnodes.com has decided to put up one of his signature Raspberry Pi NewYorkCoin nodes for grabs with shipping charges covered, and one lucky raffle ticket holder will win this node on November 15th 2018! If you see @Cruiz on Discord make sure to give him a shout out for making this raffle possible! A detailed description and picture of the node can be found here.

Nodes are crucial to the strength and stability of the NewYorkCoin network, and by having one of these nodes up and running, you are helping to secure the network and verify transactions on the blockchain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Deploying a headless node in the form of a Raspberry Pi consumes a very small amount of energy and takes up a very small amount of physical space.

Every $3.00 worth of cryptocurrency within a donation counts as 1 entry into the raffle. For example: $9 worth of cryptocurrency donated counts as 3 entries/raffle tickets. At the end of the fundraiser, a ticket stub will be drawn and the winner of the NYC node will be announced and notified via email.

If you are donating BTC, LTC or ETH we recommend using Coinbase Pro located here. If you have a Coinbase/GDAX account, then simply use those credentials to login to the updated Coinbase Pro website. Transactions sent from Coinbase to an external wallet wallet are fast and free.

We appreciate any donation amount, and even encourage users to donate funds in the form of directing small amounts of hashing power to mine NYC, BTC, LTC, and ETH, and using the corresponding donation wallet address below as the payout address. In order to qualify for and receive a raffle ticket as shown below, a minimum of $3.00 worth of NYC, BTC, LTC, or ETH must be donated to the corresponding donation wallet within one transaction. 

If you have made a donation of $3.00 or more and would like to claim your raffle ticket(s), please use the link below, it will take you to a Google Form which will require you to provide a screenshot in order for us to verify your donation on the respective blockchain.

Google Form for claiming raffle tickets can be found here.

Once again huge shout out to @Cruiz over at nycnodes.com for making this giveaway possible, if you catch him on Discord make sure to thank him for everything he has done for NewYorkCoin!

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David Noble · September 17, 2018 at 5:19 pm

Can we not enter by paying $ dollars rather UK than paying in crypto ?

AnonymPussy · October 11, 2018 at 4:18 am

That’s nice from you, keep up great work nyc ! 😉

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