NewYorkCoin Five Things To Know Before The Fork

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Five Things You Need To Know

Hello everyone, because we are 5 days away from the moment the NewYorkCoin fork event is estimated to occur, here are five important things you need to know to prepare yourself:

1. The reason NewYorkCoin is implementing a Security & Stability based fork upon reaching block 4,800,000:

Please click on this link:, and scroll to State of the New York Coin Network to begin reading.

This explains why the fork is necessary to protect the network from vulnerabilities (one in particular has been experienced by the community recently) and the benefits of the network being placed on the new chain.


2. What wallets and/or exchanges are ready for the fork (Fork Ready):


TradeSatoshi: (FYI Under maintenance. Wallets to return to online status will occur when recovery efforts are completed)




Coinomi for Android and iOS: 

NewYorkCoin QT Core Wallet ( for Windows and Mac: to download for instructions and latest bootstrap



3. NewYorkCoin Network Hashrate:

During an event involving a spike in the hashrate, NewYorkCoin holders were having trouble transferring NYCoin between exchanges and wallets. Use the following link: to see where the hashrate is in GHs. 


4. For Yobit exchange users:

If you have NYCoin on Yobit, the best thing to do at the time of this writing is to get it off the exchange as soon as possible. If Yobit does not update their wallet in time for the 4,800,000 block the coins will be on the old chain. It is suggested to do one of the following:

  1. AS OF MONDAY OCTOBER 29th 2018 at 12:54PM EST: is refusing to update wallets. Convert your NYC to ETH and withdraw it from the exchange as soon as possible. & have been contacted to request removal of Yobit related links from their respective pages.
  2. This means that the NewYorkCoin on Yobit is on the old chain with none of the features implemented in the new chain post Security & Stability fork.


5. Please continue to donate to Coinomi who has graciously updated their mobile wallets for NewYorkCoin community:

You can donate using USD here:  

You can donate using cryptocurrency here:

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