NewYorkCoin Development Help Wanted

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NewYorkCoin Development Help Wanted

NewYorkCoin development help wanted as NewYorkCoin ($NYC) is a community coin revived after 4 years without development and support.

Only a few early miners, who believed in the coin’s capabilities and function, kept the coin and its blockchain alive. Not long after the revival, a core team assembled around late December 2017 to early January 2018 and started with updating code and features, improving the security and usability of the coin.

The development team is still in need of crypto enthusiasts that are willing to spend their precious time and dedicated to the further development of the coin.

At the moment we are looking for people that can help with:

Coding and Development

C++: Help to optimize the core NYCoin code and add new features.

Python: Help improve the Electrum Wallet.

Java: Help develop a NYCoinj library (derived from Bitcoinj) and help with the integration of 3rd party products like ATM’s and others.

Android Development: Help with creating a new Android Wallet.

iOS Development: Help with creating a new Wallet for apple mobile devices.

Web Development: Javascript, HTML, PHP, etc.To help maintain and update our websites.

Please email the development team at [email protected] if you think you can help!

Are you not a coder, but willing to help in other ways?

Donate to NYCoin War Chest(Fund for things like exchange maintenance, listing, airdrops, bounties, etc. ) 



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