New York Coin QT Wallet version 1.3 Update Information

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New York Coin QT Wallet version 1.3 Update

The New York Coin Community Development Team would like to announce the new QT Wallet update to version 1.3 in preparation for the upcoming fork

It is recommended to create a backup of the wallet.dat file prior to updating the wallet. This can be done through the QT Wallet application menu or copying the wallet.dat file into a safe location.

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Download the QT Wallet version 1.3 Update from the Github repository. 
  2. Refer to the previous blog post on wallet help as it has the new bootstrap of July 2018 available for download.
  3. Install the update to your QT Wallet.              

Please note that a mandatory update has been released as a solution for the issues that people have identified from this version. Please review and download from here:

New York Coin QT Wallet version 1.3.1 Mandatory Update Information

Questions about the update? You can reach the developers by email at [email protected].

The NYCoin fork is focused on security and stability. The information can be read from the first announcement and most recent update.


ed · August 5, 2018 at 10:45 am

keep hodl NYC this is our future money

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