New York Coin QT Wallet version 1.3.1( Mandatory Update Information

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The release and adoption of wallet version 1.3 has created some unexpected network segmentation. If you are running a 1.3 node you MUST UPDATE IMMEDIATELY so that we can get back on track. Please download the New York Coin QT Wallet version 1.3.1( for Windows and follow the steps below to perform the update:

  1. Shut down current 1.3 wallet.
  2. Make a backup of your wallet.dat file and put it in a safe place.
  3. Delete peers.dat and the blocks and chainstate directories.
  4. Install 1.3.1 wallet in the same location as the old executable.
  5. (Optional but recommended) Download bootstrap file (or use an existing one) from July 2018 should be the latest good bootstrap
  6. Start 1.3.1 wallet and let it sync. (or follow the bootstrap instructions on the blog link to bootstrap).

We will have an OSX build out as soon as possible. This post will be updated to reflect the addition of the OSX build.


NOTE:The zip file containing the word setup is the installer build. The other zip files contain just the executables (for use in remote or headless nodes).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I have my coins in a paper wallet, do I need to upgrade anything or will my coins transfer to the updated wallet structure when Im ready?

A: Paper wallets are fine, all been tested and working well.

Q: What happens if I use my 1.3 wallet or Coinomi to make a transaction while the chain is split?

A: There is a chance at this point in time that the block your transaction was on will become orphaned. If this happens miners may automatically add the transaction to the official chain once they combine again. It would, however, be easiest to simply sweep the funds back into your 1.3/Coinomi wallet and resend (assuming you have the private key to your address). Even so, it would be better to avoid any transactions until the chains merge or the newer 1.3 chain establishes a significant advantage in Proof-of-Work. Once the official fork happens, your funds will be safe on both chains.

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