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GPU Mining:

You can still mine NewYorkCoin with GPU on Scrypt using a Nvidia 1050+ or a AMD 480+ and get some NYC… However, GPU Mining NYC is not profitable directly. The better way to get NewYorkCoin is to use Equihash mining via Prohashing and to set your payout to NewYorkCoin. A positive side affect of this technique is that you’ll get better yield and most of all: we need more miners to keep the NewYorkCoin coming out of prohashing, so that the market does not get inadvertently flooded directly.


  • Create an account on prohashing and set your payout to NewYorkCoin
  • Mining software: download the EWBF miner or DSTM miner
  • Start your miner with the following command:

    miner –server –port 3333 –user your_login_here –pass a=equihash –pec

  • Mining software: downoad Zcash miner @
  • Config files settings:

    -zpool -zwal “your prohasing user name” -zpsw a=equihash d=4096 -nofee 1 -tt 72 -i 7 -ttli 78 -powlim 0 -r 5 -a 0 -asm 1 -allpools 1

Scrypt mining:

For scrypt mining, it is best to use ‘ASIC” miners like ANT L3+, A4 Dominator, Moonlander2, etc… and not CPU as this is not profitable. For example: a moonlander2 costing $100 will have much more return than a $500 GFX Card. So please do invest any scrypt asic hashpower in one of our recommended nyc pools:

You can also consider buying some hashrate (minimum is 0.005 BTC) on nicehash and setting the limit to the minimum (0.01 TH/s) if you want to help out the coin but don’t have any asic mining equipment.

The reason we care is that prohashing (working in the best interest of their miners) throws ~400GH/s at NYC when the difficulty is low. This lets them acquire NewYorkCoin blocks faster than the 30 second target. The KGW (Kimoto Gravity Well) adjusts the difficulty after a while and they stop mining, leaving the smaller pools to mine at higher difficulty and increasing block times to as high as 10 minutes. This makes it difficult to keep the fast 30 second narrative demonstrable.

Example of a miner start command:

bfgminer –scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u “username” -p “password”

CPU Mining:

Not profitable for sure, but if you really want to: check out the Scrypt miners section above.


Alvin · June 7, 2018 at 6:21 pm

Can anyone make a video tutorial on how to mine NYCoin and post it on youtube rather than giving instructions on tweeter,

    Nicovs · June 11, 2018 at 6:57 am

    Hi Alvin,

    How and what to mine all depends on the hardware you have available to mine with. So we’d need to create a few video’s on that.
    Might be better to join our Discord:
    People will help you out in the #mining-help channel there.

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