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NewYorkCoin Development Help Wanted

Exchange Fundraiser

The exchanges team, along with many NewYorkCoin miners, have made it a point to bring the support of ProHashing back into the fold so that miners who use their platform can continue mining NewYorkCoin with it. We are actively looking for an exchange that ProHashing supports, and we have decided to start raising funds to help with the cost of securing the listing.

In recent months, the community came together in a big way and raised 1 BTC to secure continued support from Coinomi. This feat shows the true power of this decentralized community, and how the manifested belief in a technology can drive a community to come together and do great things.

As with the Coinomi Fundraiser, we are using the same secure wallets for donations, as well as a GoFundMe page for raising funds. If you are donating BTC, LTC or ETH we recommend using Coinbase Pro located here. If you have a normal Coinbase/GDAX account, then simply use those credentials to login to the updated Coinbase Pro website. Transactions sent from Coinbase to an external wallet wallet are fast and free.

GoFundMe (Fiat Donations)

Secure Wallet Addresses (Crypto Donations)

ETH: 0x470248535f0b01d34ae98105d72b13d82bb5d4e7

LTC: ltc1q3amzf3xdv20dk6hnhjy2cjaqeaqy5ww488vpnytmerkwh66mx34s0s4wel

BTC: bc1qzcuk3endlrqtx787trpfvjmnlakhzqvjnly82g5aptjmte8v3zjq2n4aq9


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