Bounty System Update

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Bounty System Update

With a new year comes new changes to our Bounty System on Discord. Over the last few weeks the team has researched what works in the bounty system, and what doesn’t. We reached out to the community via survey to see what you, the bounty hunters, thought would be best for the system, and used those great ideas to help reshape the bounty system. The bounties released each week will be more fluid, and more targeted in their approach. We hope you enjoy the rework.

The bonus system has been reshaped so that any user who completes all bounties in a given set will given the Platinum Bounty Hunter role, then, 10 users among all participants in the set will be chosen at random and gifted an extra 10,000 NYC each as a bonus. We feel this will give everyone a chance at a bonus each round, without having to go to the extent of completing every bounty to be eligible for the bonus.

There will be a total of 7 bounties for each set, 3 action bounties, 3 creative bounties, and 1 special bounty. The action bounties will include things such as sharing and/or retweeting content on social media. The creative bounties will include things like creating posts that include links on social media. The special bounty from each set will be a bounty with a higher payout from the rest, for example, the special bounty might require you to do several different small tasks, or one slightly difficult task, the special bounty will be custom made for each bounty set.

Thanks again for all of your help with reshaping the bounty system, when we come together and put our best ideas forward, we are truly unstoppable. Here’s to a successful year, cheers!


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