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NewYorkCoin’s blockchain began on March 6, 2014. To date, the NewYorkCoin community has not discovered the person or persons who implemented NewYorkCoin’s genesis block. For years, the NewYorkCoin blockchain has been supported by a decentralized assortment of loyal miners, even though there had not been any active development since NewYorkCoin’s genesis block. In mid-to- late 2017, several miners and NewYorkCoin community members decided to commit resources to waking up this forgotten value transmission asset by building a development team and community to help NewYorkCoin realize its full potential as day-to- day permission-less global zero-fee payment solution. The NewYorkCoin community is growing exponentially with members from every continent on the planet. To learn more or join our community, click on the Community link to find the channel of your choice.


Decentralized and has a proven blockchain - churning out transactions every 30 seconds since 2014 with minimum support. There is no central control over the coin.


NYC is 20X faster than Bitcoin and 5X faster than litecoin, retailers can now accept NYC Also most transactions are FREE in the newyorkc network! NYC is anonymous


The Original NewYorkCoin is Open-Source and viewable to the public at Github code repository.based on an open-source platform. There is no central control over the coin.

Recent Posts

Recent articles published by the NewYorkCoin team.

Spring Updates

We are excited to announce that new code for one of the development bounties has been submitted by an outside developer and the work is currently under review by the NewYorkCoin Development Team. The first Read more…


Yobit Update

Yobit was subject to a 51% attack and thus NewYorkCoin on Yobit was double-spent. Yobit does not have the funds to cover withdrawals, as they are missing billions of NYC from the attack. We urge Read more…


SouthXchange Voting

UPDATED – 1/18/2020 Hello friends and fellow aficionados, CRYPTOkid here on behalf of the team, and today I want to touch on an amazing opportunity for us to come together and further secure the NewYorkCoin Read more…


Bounty System Update

Bounty System Update With a new year comes new changes to our Bounty System on Discord. Over the last few weeks the team has researched what works in the bounty system, and what doesn’t. We Read more…


Exchange Fundraiser

Exchange Fundraiser The exchanges team, along with many NewYorkCoin miners, have made it a point to bring the support of ProHashing back into the fold so that miners who use their platform can continue mining Read more…


Exchange Update (Yobit)

On October 20th, Yobit closed NYC wallets, disabling withdrawals and deposits to and from their exchange. They have given no indication that they plan to enable NYC withdrawals or deposits. The NewYorkCoin Community Team reached Read more…

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